Today’s batch is the Germany edition. It might be next week too. :-)

The cool thing about looking at old QSL cards is the history of what was going on at the time that the QSO happened. Take for instance:

The Summer Olympics of 1972. This is the same one that had the Munich Massacre that murdered members of the Israeli team. But it’s also the one that saw Mark Spitz win seven gold medals in swimming. A record that stood up until the most recent set of games.

The oldest of the bunch is all the way back from 1958:

I just love the hand-drawn look of it.

Not a month before NASA launched it’s first space probe: Pioneer 1.

The cool one from the tech perspective is this one:

Yaesu FT-101

Yaesu FT-101

The little “/m” at the end of W8DFL signifies that Vic was mobile! It’s easy to do that now, but back in 1971 it was a whole other ball of wax. Now you have solid state amplifiers and it’s a piece of cake to get a mobile 20m station up and running. Before that you needed tubes. And tubes required lots of high voltage to run them.

Unless he jumped on something like the just-released Yaesu FT-101 which only had tubes for it’s final power amp.

Cool stuff.

I still wonder how he keyed Morse code (CW – Continuous Wave) in the car. And you think texting while driving is bad!

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The raw data:

DK0IBF		Germany		9/24/1972	20	AM
DA2DG		Germany		3/6/1971	10	SSB
DM3OML		Germany		3/31/1971	20	SSB
DL9XX		Germany		7/19/1970	15	SSB
DK5AD/P		Germany		11/1/1973	15	SSB
DL4OP	W9JOP/4	Germany		7/18/1970	20	SSB
DJ7BX		Germany		7/1/1972	15	SSB
DL8ME		Germany		12/23/1971	10	SSB
DL9RE		Germany		2/16/1970	10	SSB
DL8TG		Germany		7/9/1967	20	SSB
DL2EA		Germany		5/12/1972	15	SSB
DL7NX		Germany		1/28/1970	10	SSB
DL6NV		Germany		11/1/1958	10	CW
DL0JH		Germany		3/30/1972	15	SSB
DJ4AX		Germany		8/26/1972	15	CW
DJ7XI		Germany		7/6/1972	15	CW
DK7ER		Germany		8/22/1975	20	?
DJ6FV		Germany		9/19/1971	20	CW, AM	W8DFL was mobile!
DL7HR		Germany		10/20/1959	10	AM
DJ0JE		Germany		10/6/1972	20	SSB