Well, I wrote about this almost a month ago. I had a problem with an auction I won where I never got what I purchased.

A approached the seller with the problem. He didn’t have a tracking number or anything proving he sent anything. He put the box of brass in the mail on December 10th and I wrote about it two and a half weeks later.

He graciously sent another box and that arrived as expected.

Yesterday I got a card in the mail that I had a package at the Solon post office.

Sure enough the much belated box was there postmarked 12/10. The excuse the guy behind the counter gave was that it was mis-delivered and the recipient brought it back last week. WTF? Would you sit with an unopened 25 pound box waiting to do anything with it? I’m convinced that the post office just misplaced it.

The box was packed in another box with a bunch of cling-wrap. The inner box was completely fine and still sealed. Why the overwrap I can’t say. The address was correct and the inner box was unopened.

Of course I’m not going to rip the guy off. As soon as I got it I sent come more $$ to the guy I bought it from.

I’ve never had such odd handling by the post office. Strange.

Now I have more .40 S&W than I know what to do with. I’m guessing I have around 11,000 cases ready to go. (!)

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