I’m sitting here in CLE waiting for my flight to San Francisco via Chicago O’Hare. I’m hoping to miss all the weather excitement that’s been forecast for Cleveland. As a bonus the Bay Area has been having unseasonably warm weather!

Another thing I’m trying is to use the iPad as the primary way for me to communicate with the world. I had the Asus EeePC as a backup, but I’m going to try to rely on this for all my personal stuff. (Yes, I also have my el-crappy work laptop in tow as well.)

This’ll be the real test for how well the ZAGG/mate will work out. I can tell you right now that typing on it is substantially faster than with the virtual keyboard. Another great advantage is that I get to use the screen on portrait mode and have the normal keyboard. (The virtual keyboard in portrait mode is next to useless to any serious typing)

I got to say that just having the ambient connectivity is amazing!

Another fun diversion that I’m bringing along is the ICOM IC-92AD handheld transceiver. Let’s see if I can hit a repeater out there… maybe even a D-Star one! :-) Does anyone know of any nets that happen out there? (I’ll be in Foster City to be specific)

When I land in ORD I think I’ll put in the order for the ham gear. I’ve been putting it off for the least minute for no good reason, but I think I’m running out of minutes to do anything at this point.

Location:Snow Rd,Brook Park,United States