At O’Hare in Chicago I finally got around to ordering the radio that I keep talking about. I was going to get the ICOM IC-7000.

I changed my mind about the ICOM. I decided to to instead to get the Kenwood TS-2000 instead.

A few things to go over: why the switch? why a radio anyway?

I was going to get the ICOM… but for the same price I could get a radio with dual receivers and a built-in antenna tuner. I get a bit more output on 2M as well. The other advantage is that the connectors are a bit more conventional. It’ll make things easier to hook up. So will the additional antenna ports. If I want to do mobile HF I’ll pick the ICOM up at that point.

Now: why a radio? Take Egypt for instance. Not that I’m expecting the US to turn off all the internet over here, but there’s always the chance that some infrastructure around me goes down. It’s nice to know that even without a lot of outside help I’ll be able to reach out to nearly anywhere in the world.

Not only that… that makes me sound more paranoid than I actually am. The tech of it is fun. It’s different tech. You can say that you have cell phones. True. But what is a cellphone? It’s a radio at it’s heart is it not? WiFi? A radio. All sorts of other things are radios. This is the essence of radio distilled down to the radio goodness of it. :-)