Well, it’s not ideal, but it’s up. I wasn’t going to climb up on the roof with the foot of snow that’s up there. For now the new Comet GP-15 antenna is living up in my attic. Not only that it’s working!

It’s upside down, but given the type of antenna it is that shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t rely on the ground-image for functioning (since the normal install is high up) so it’s not really a problem. It’s kinda ghetto since it’s being held to the rafters by one-and-a-half screws. I’n not worried since it has no stress on it — it has the roof over its head. Once I get it outside I better be doing it right!

If nothing else it’s kinda stealth right now. ;-)

The manual (ok, manual makes it sound big — it’s a page) claims that is has a limited-ish 6m bandwidth, but the transceiver has no problem tuning it up at all. With the 3:1 tuner I’m getting a perfect match all across the band.

I’ve certainly noticed a lot more range from it than the HT. But that’s not a surprise.

Now all I need is a good thaw and another 150 feet of cable and I’ll erect the GAP in the back yard.