Finally, after nearly a year of trying (ok, a year consists of maybe half a dozen attempts) I was able to have a QSO on D*STAR! You can check the log at the WB8THD repeater if you look quick enough. I’m NG8B/M on there.

I do have to say that when I was getting the signal clearly it was a lot better than regular FM. The downside is that it’s an all-or nothing mode. When I was getting a signal it was like the person was next to me. But if I’m not getting the signal strong enough I’m just SOL.

Apparently the repeater was linked all over Ohio. I was CQing the state. :-)

I don’t have the equipment to book up my IC-92AD to the big antenna but I’m hopeful that if I get it up there I’ll be able to hit that repeater whenever I want to. Especially when I get the antenna mounted above the roof instead of in the attic. All I’d need is an antenna switch and a length of SMA to UHF cord — I can probably fabricate that myself if I really need to.

I’m really wondering how the D*STAR net is out in the Bay area. Anyone know?