Today stays with Great Britain. But here’s where it gets strange: Great Britain is different countries.

If you ever see auto racing you’ll notice flags next to every driver’s name. (Ok, you’ll notice it in every international style racing.) Folks from Britain don’t say they’re from there. They’re English. Or Scottish. Or Welsh. Or whatever.

We have a few examples today: England, Scotland and the Isle of Man. (Due to a technicality, Mann isn’t part of the empire, but it may as well be.)

A couple coole ones stand out:

Of course Stratford-Upon-Avon is where Shakespeare was born. This is a special anniversary QSL card.

Another cool one celebrates one thousand years of the Isle of Man:

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G2ABV		England		2/8/1959	10	?
G2AYG		England		10/7/1972	15	SSB
G3BID/M		England	G3BID_M_3	3/23/1970	15	SSB	Addressed to someone else? WA3LID?
G3FSJ		England		10/24/1959			No real date
G3HDA		England		10/22/1967	20	SSB
G3IHG		England		10/9/1959	10	SSB
G3IUL		England		1/25/1959	10	CW
G3IUP		England		11/22/1958	10	AM
G3JLB		England		1/31/1959	10	Fone
G3LKJ		England		8/29/1959	10	Fone
G3MI		England		10/19/1959	10	Fone
G3MXQ		England		10/4/1958	10	Fone
G3NOF		England		1/7/1960	10	Fone
G3TU		England		11/22/1958	10	Fone
G5PT	G3JUL	England		4/19/1935	20	Fone	Heard Vic working Peru!
GB2SM		England		10/25/1959	10	Fone
GB3SUA		England		7/11/1969	20	Fone	Special
GD3ENK		Isle of Man		3/20/1960	10	Fone
GM3BGA		Scotland		12/20/1959	10	Fone
GT3TVY		Isle of Man		7/2/1979	15	Fone	Special