A good batch for today! Partly a good batch because there’s some from Hungary — where my parents grew up.

Ok, my mom grew up in Romania, but that’s a story for another day.

A bit more of the strangeness about the “countries.” We have Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales all represented here. Of course if you ask folks from Great Britain they’ll tell you they’re English or Welsh or what-have-you. I’ve had that done to me in the past before.

I guess if you’re talking to a Texan you might get the same reaction.  ;-)

Anyway… I digress.

I don’t know of a more Scottish sport than tossing the Caber. Maybe there are better sports, but I don’t know if there are any that are more iconic.

That and wearing kilts.

This card is cool for me.

The address is someplace I’ve been at. Or at least in front of. It was walking distance from the hotel that En and I stayed at the times we were in Budapest. In fact we have walked there many times. It was just past the metro station that we went to to get anywhere. My dad and I walked there with En when we went there a few years back. We had coffee across the street at the Hotel Astoria Cafe.  :’-)

View HA1ZD in a larger map

Why the one from HB9IJ? I just like Peter’s 1958 cat.

Another interesting thing I just noticed from this series:

(The first one from GI6TK is a blind operator BTW)

If you look in the upper left corner you’ll see “Mullard.” This can only refer to Mullard Tubes. And to top it off they’re still being made! This really has to be some variety of sponsored QSL card program. Buy tubes, get cards. Anyone know anything more? They have a standardized back and feature the British equivalent to the ARRL, the RSGB.

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By the numbers:

G3ODB		England			?	?	?	
GI4RY		Northern Ireland	10/14/1959	10	Fone	
GI6TK		Northern Ireland	1/24/1970	10	SSB	Blind Op
GI6VU		Northern Ireland	2/7/1972	15	SSB	
GM3BCL		Scotland		2/7/1960	10	AM	
GW3AHN		Wales			11/22/1959	10	Fone	
GW3LEW		Wales			2/9/1959	10	Fone	
GW3NNF		Wales			1/2/1971	10	SSB	
GW3VBX		Wales			2/7/1971	10	SSB	
GW4IUK		Wales			3/2/1981	15	SSB	
HA1ZD		Hungary			11/30/1975	20	CW	
HA3MB		Hungary			3/21/1970	17	SSB	
HA4KYH		Hungary	HA4KYH_1	1/18/1972	15	SSB	
HA4KYH		Hungary	HA4KYH_2	3/21/1972	15	SSB	
HA8KUC		Hungary			3/21/1972	15		
HB9BJS		Switzerland		7/3/1980	15	SSB	
HB9GS		Switzerland		4/3/1972	15	SSB	
HB9IJ		Switzerland		11/14/1958	10	Fone	
HB9PT		Switzerland		11/22/1959	10	Fone	
HB9WH		Switzerland		10/15/1959	10	Fone