Just to be clear these aren’t in the normal sequence so if you’re following this (yeah, other than you Scrapple… :-) ) you’ll see these again in a few months.

Why am I posting these?

One reason: Current contacts.

Wayne, NØUN, left a comment on the blog a week or so ago. John, AB8Z, was on the Tri-County Traffic Net.

Both were interesting. I would say strange, but strange in a super-cool kind of way.

Wayne started to recount all sorts of stories I’ve heard from En over the years. Up out of thin air. If nothing else you live on in peoples’ memories. Something made him look up W8DFL for some reason I guess.

John on the other hand was more real-time. En checked into the net last Tuesday with a “W8DFL, Jennifer in Solon, no traffic.”

The call must’ve sparked a long dormant neuron on John’s head. In the comment round he said something along the lines of “Did I just hear W8DFL? I remember Vic from when I was growing up.” I’m sure he said a whole lot more that I’m not remembering. After the net was over En asked if AB8Zed was still on frequency and they had a few minute QSO.

Other than talking to me between the HT and the big rig W8DFL had been off the air. It was the first time that it was really sent far and wide on the repeater. The first time it was spoken on the air for all to hear, someone who was around remembered the old call.

To think that the memories of Vic are still around. It’s testament to what he did back then. Both John and Wayne were Elemered by Vic way back when.

Enough of the back story.

I scanned all the QSL cards around two months ago and I’ve been going through them 20 a week. I decided on a whim to see if I could find either N0UN’s or AB8Z’s QSL cards in the stack.

First, being clever I and suspecting that both were vanity calls I checked the FCC database but didn’t get any previous calls. I got full names though, so that was a good start.

As luck would have it (well, part luck since Bill somewhat sorted them first), the THIRD card I looked at (all just numbered PDFs) was WB8JSC: John C. Thomas. AKA AB8Z.

Just a dozen or so down was WN8QFB: NØUN.


Cheers to you Wayne and John! I hope these bring back some good memories of the past and of Vic!

Funny how both of them used the Little Print Shop in Austin, TX for the printing.  :-)