I walked to my desk at work a few weeks back and found a randomly rolled up rubber band sitting on my desk.

All sitting there minding its business

I don’t know why but when I looked it at I just knew it would make a good logo.

With the iPhone I got a reasonable picture of it. At least good enough to jog my memory later on.

On Tuesday after work I started playing with Adobe Illustrator to make a vector file out of it. At first I tried to do an auto-trace of it but it turned into a jumbled mess with the background. I tried to clean up the background with Photoshop and that helped a bit, but it was still messy.

Eventually I just pasted the photo onto the background and did it freehand over it. At first I tried to do all the parts individually. Look at the green piece. I had the three parts to make that originally. I reworked and just used the outlines and stacking of layers to get the same effect. (Yeah, you can tell I’m not an Illustrator wizard.)

The colors aren’t final. The reality of it is that I picked the colors so I know what parts are connected.

The part I want to emphasize is what is in blue: the “V.” For Vector. :-)

It still needs some tweaks, but overall I like it. I really like the strong graphic look to it.