Today’s batch consists primarily of Switzerland and Italy with a bit of variety thrown into the middle.

I’m going to start with my favorite:

I’m sure you can guess why it’s my favorite. ;-) I’m just wondering what I1DEP is doing creeping around by the back of the car. Perv. (It might be I1DEF, it’s hard to see) You have to zoom into the original 600 DPI scan to really make him out.

The Creeper

I1DEP: The Creeper

There’s a bit of religion in here as well with HR8SM’s card:

and then:

The latter isn’t a QSL card, but it’s referring to the the Voice of the Vatican in Vatican City inside of Rome. HV3SJ was a way to disseminate info the the far flung Jesuits around the world until communication was a bit better with phone and eventually the internet.

Back to Switzerland — I’m astonished that none of the QSLs used the omnipresent Helvetica that sprouted from there back in 1957. HB9IK’s card came the closest, but it’s only a variant of a Swiss font, not a true Helevetica.

It does capture the classic Swiss minimalism though.

[smugmug url=”″ imagecount=”100″ start=”1″ num=”100″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”lightbox” captions=”false” sort=”true” window=”true” smugmug=”true” size=”L”]

By the numbers:

HB9AEB		Switzerland	7/22/1969	20	SSB
HB9AET		Switzerland					Not filled out
HB9ALX		Switzerland	2/10/1970	10	SSB
HB9DT		Switzerland	2/5/1960	10	Fone
HB9IK		Switzerland	11/22/1958	10	Fone
HE9EVG		Switzerland	2/26/1960	10	Fone
HE9HUC		Switzerland	4/3/1972	15	Fone?	SWL
HP1AC		Panama		1/24/1959	10	Fone
HP1RCP		Panama		3/5/1972	10	SSB
HR1BG		Honduras	1/4/1962	10	Fone
HR8SM		Honduras	1/23/1960	10	Fone
HV3SJ		Vatican City					Doesn't seem to be QSL?
I1AYP		Italy		3/12/1950	10	Fone
I1BH		Italy		2/6/1971	15	Fone
I1CGV		Italy		10/23/1959	10	Fone
I1FTU	WN8OLT	Italy		9/18/1970	15	AM
I1ZIE		Italy		10/25/1959	10	Fone
I1ZWY		Italy		10/10/1959	10	Fone
I1ZX		Italy		4/20/1960	10	Fone
IR0KRP		Italy		3/6/1971	15	SSB