Detail from JA2AEY QSL Card

We have a great variety today! There’s a bunch from Japan including the one with an old car and a hot girl courtesy JA2AEY.  :-)  A couple of DXpeditions are in the mix as well!

The full card with the girl seems to be a promoted card that was furnished by Nissan for the Hilo.

Japan has always had a great history with folks into ham radio. The convergence of the tech-loving culture with the rise of the Japanese industrial machine I’m sure was a great contributor.

The Nissan on here was the first generation Cedric Model 30 that Nissan produced completely on it’s own. They had previously licensed from an English firm. The thing that I didn’t realize is that Datsun name predated Nissan. In 1960 they (as Datsun) went to the LA auto show. No doubt the cards were part of the promotion process for the small fuel efficient car.

Another neat card isn’t cool for what it looks like, but it’s a reflection of the world at the time.

Kanton Island is a tiny (3.5 square mile) island in the middle of nowhere. Right now it belongs to Kiribati. Only 24 people live there at the moment, but back in 1972 when the card was sent out it was still a US territory and had an airstrip built during World War II that continued to be used by trans-Pacific planes before long-range jets. (The Wikipedia article is fascinating!)

This one’s just cool with the (I’m guessing — please correct me if I’m wrong) Japanese brown bear listening in on the dipole with the headset! The thing directly above the bear’s head is a ceramic insulator. I guess it’s technically an offset-fed dipole. In fact it looks really a lot like a Windom antenna. :-)

The last one I’m blowing up big:

This one comes to us from a rare-ish DX entity. It says Columbia, but this is it’s own place: a little island in the Caribean Sea called San Andrés Island. and counts towards the DXCC. Looks like a nice place to go to for a vacation. Might have to check it out sometime.

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By the numbers:

Call Sign Call 2 Filename Country City Post Date Band Mode Remarks
HC8GI Galapogos Isla Santa Cruz Feb 14, 1974 15 SSB
HH2RV Haiti Port-Au-Prince Jan 31, 1960 10 Fone
HH2Z HH2Z-1 Haiti Port-Au-Prince Nov 2, 1959 10 Fone
HH2Z HH2Z-2 Haiti Port-Au-Prince Nov 3, 1959 10 Fone
HI7CJY KH6CJY Dominican Republic Central Romana Mar 13, 1960 10 Fone
HI8XJH Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Apr 18, 1971 10 SSB
HK0AI San Andres Isla San Andres Isla Jan 15, 1960 10 AM DXpedition!
HK1KU Columbia Barranqilla Nov 22, 1959 10 Fone
HK4CJB Columbia Jan 18, 1972 15 SSB The site
JA1BWA Japan Suginami, Tokyo Nov 21, 1959 10 AM
JA1QCG Japan Meguro-Ku, Tokyo Dec 10, 1970 10 SSB
JA2AEY Japan Chikusa-ku, Nagoya Feb 4, 1960 10 Fone
JA2XH Japan Nagoya Oct 29, 1959 10 Fone Backwards 9?
JA3IG W9SKR Japan Osaka Feb 7, 1971 15 SSB
JA6GT JA6GT-1 Japan Yahata, Fukuoka Dec 31, 1959 10 AM
JA6GT JA6GT-2 Japan Yahata, Fukuoka Dec 31, 1959 10 AM
JA8QO Japan Nakajima, Muroran Jul 7, 1971 20 SSB
KA2GI W7OCD Japan Nov 25, 1959 10 AM Military
KA2QW Japan Tokyo Mar 26, 1972 15 SSB Military
WA8FMA Canton Island Dec 5, 1972 15 Fone DXpedition, now KH1