A mixed bag is on hand for today! It’s all from Americans — but none of them are from the mainland!

I’ll bring up this one first:

It doesn’t look all that fancy up until you see the note on the bottom from Bill — Vic’s son. This was happening during the Vietnam war and Bill joined up with the Navy and was stationed up in Alaska at the time. This is the note home piggybacking on the QSL.

We take for granted how easy it is to communicate now. All you have to do is reach in your pocket or purse and dig out your cell phone. A push of the button will have you connected to any corner of the earth. For the most part it’ll be really cheap too. (Ok, if you’re calling Antarctica it’ll be a bit more dear, but you get the point)

I just like monkeys. This, while from a K call is from Willie stationed in Japan in 1970.

Another interesting quirk of how I’m entering stuff is why I’m listing out Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as the country. While they are officially part of the US (hence the K calls) as a territory they count for DXCC credit. At the end of this I want to see how close Vic got to reaching DXCC.  :-)

Call Alt File Country City Postal Date Band Mode Notes
KL7CUR USA Glenellen, AK Nov 21, 1958 ? Fone
KL7FAK USA Fairbanks, AK May 11, 1958 10 Fone
KL7FAR USA St. Lawrence Island, AK Oct 9, 1958 10 Fone
KL7GEZ USA Anchorage, AK 99506 May 25, 1968 20 Fone Note from Bill!
KL7GST Puerto Rico Humacao Oct 19, 1958 10 Fone
KP4AEB USA Fairbanks, AK Jan 2, 1959 10 Fone
KP4AMX Puerto Rico San Juan Dec 13, 1958 10 Fone
KP4BAS Puerto Rico Ramey AFB Jan 20, 1962 10 Fone
KP4BY Puerto Rico Ceiba Feb 5, 1961 10 Fone
KP4DCR Puerto Rico Villa Avila 657 Feb 7, 1971 10 SSB
KP4GN Puerto Rico Guayama Feb 25, 1962 10 AM
KP4NY Puerto Rico San José Apr 21, 1960 10 AM
KR6CG USA Feb 3, 1959 10 Fone Coast Guard
KR6CO K3VPU Japan Okinawa Jul 22, 1970 20 SSB
KR6IL KR6IL-1 Japan Miyako Jimo Aug 15, 1970 20 SSB
KR6IL KR6IL-2 Japan Miyako Jimo Aug 15, 1970 20 SSB
KS6DY American Samoa 96920 Nov 5, 1972 10 SSB
KV4AA Virgin Islands St. Thomas 802 Oct 1, 1972 20 SSB
KV4GP Virgin Islands St. Croix 820 Mar 6, 1971 10 SSB
WA1ARF-KS4 USA West Indies Mar 6, 1971 10 SSB


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