A week or two ago I wrote a post on fixing a battery charger. That’s not a problem. People sometimes link to the stuff I write. That, again, is not a problem.

I noticed a ping-back from a site (which I’m not going to link to to add any link juice for) called aabatteries.giftideasusa.info. You can’t see it any more but they copied the article. Not just copied it, but altered it as well. More than just adding ads, but changing what I wrote.

They do this to other folks writing as well.

Ok, let’s write to the email address listed on the site to have it removed.

It bounces.

This confirms the shady nature of these bitches.

Try a traceroute. No joy.

Ok, nslookup, then reverse lookup — this led me to the company hosting the site JustHost.com. Thankfully they were able to corral the douchbags that copied my words and they took it down.

The real question is how are these guys making money? From looking at the site half the of things that look like ads can’t even be clicked on. They are thieves and idiots.