We start off today with a couple of “countries” that count towards the DXCC that aren’t countries at all. (Presumably that’s why DXCC entities aren’t called countries at all)

We have the Marshall Islands:


You can tell by the K prefix that this is something that the US is administering. The Marshall Islands were made famous by all the nuclear testing that happened there. The biggest of all of them happened at Bikini Atoll in 1954 with the Castle Bravo test. This was the biggest device that was detonated by the United States at 15 megatons.

The specific island, Roi-Namur, is tiny. It’s big enough for the air strip and a nine-hole golf course and not a whole lot else.

The other entity is the Canal Zone. Or should I say “Kanal Zone” with the KZ prefix?

Against the rules both Virginia and Ralph shared the same call sign… I’m sure in the intervening 52 years the bit of rule-bending has been forgiven.  :-)

Like the Marshall Islands, the Panama Canal was run by the US until 1999 when it fully transitioned to be run by the Panamanians.

Going back to 1959 when the card was send the Canal Zone was firmly in US hands. You can tell by the postage that things were as US as you can imagine them. The postage with Theodore Roosevelt and the tiny 48-star US flag.

4-cent Canal Zone Postage Stamp

Next we have some ones from Norway and Argentina:


and Argentina:

It’s fun seeing cards with the operator’s face on it. It’s a link to a person from nearly 50 years ago. Pedro and his ginourmous 6-element yagi.

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Call File Alt Country City Post code Date Band Mode Comments
KX6DC Marshall Islands Jun 19, 1967 20 Fone
KZ5AD Canal Zone Jan 27, 1960 10 Fone
KZ5VR Canal Zone Mar 1, 1959 10 Fone
LA1IC Norway Tønsberg Jan 21, 1970 20 SSB
LA1JG Norway Gulskogen Oct 24, 1959 10 Fone
LA2BE Norway Slalombakken 5H42 Mar 16, 1974 20 Fone
LA2J Norway Lillehammer Jun 3, 1972 20 SSB
LA4CM Norway Aakrehamn Sep 8, 1972 15 SSB
LA8BM Norway Skarnes Jan 10, 1973 15 Fone
LU2DGJ Argentina B. Blanca Apr 10, 1960 10 Fone
LU2FAO Argentina San Martin Apr 14, 1959 10 Fone
LU4DM Argentina Buenos Aires Nov 17, 1962 10 AM
LU4FX Argentina Santa Fe Feb 4, 1959 10 Fone
LU5ACH Argentina Buenos Aires Oct 7, 1959 10 Fone
LU5DJD Argentina La Plata Jan 31, 1970 10 SSB Blu = SSB I guess
LU6DJS LU6DJS-1 Argentina Jan 13, 1959 10 CW
LU6DJS LU6DJS-2 Argentina Nov 2, 1958 10 CW
LU6DJS LU6DJS-3 Argentina Jan 20, 1959 10 CW
LU6ES Argentina Buenos Aires Apr 19, 1958 10 Fone
LU8FT Argentina Santa Fe Oct 17, 1974 15 SSB