There’s a cost. Today’s cost was, in the big scheme of things, really small. It easily could have been bigger.

Here’s the scenario:

  • I add the thermos of coffee to my backpack and walk out the garage door
  • Open the garage door
  • The backpack (with the thermos and the iPad) are leaned up against the bike
  • I start the bike to let it get a bit of heat in it (a minute — I know you’re not supposed to idle air-cooled bikes until they burst into flames)
  • While it’s idling I put on my gear — the AeroStitch suit and helmet.
  • I mount up — then remember I forgot something upstairs
  • I run up and grab it and hop back on the bike
  • I plug in the intercom system to listen to music
  • Ride off
  • *Clunk*

The aftermath - That's where the rear of the bike ran it over.


It could have been worse though. Remember that I had the iPad in there too. With some luck that was against the ground and it didn’t use the thermos as a fulcrum. (!)

It didn’t leak at all, but I can tell by the heat that’s coming through the sides that the inner and outer shells are touching. Thankfully this can cheaply be replaced. A new one is already on the way and should be here tomorrow.

Nothing else was damaged thankfully.

That’s the cost of not having your head in the game — of losing focus. You make stupid mistakes.