Today was the first almost close call of the year. It wasn’t that close so I hesitate to call it a close call, but regardless.

This is just a reminder to everyone out there in cars that a bicycle on the road is a vehicle that has right to the road too.

The proper way to turn left on a bike is to signal with your left hand then take your lane that you are entitled to. By taking the lane I mean get yourself in the middle or even to the left of the lane. Think of where you are in in relation to the lane when you’re driving in a car. That is where you want to put yourself. So you communicate your intentions and act on them when it is safe to do so.


So some douchebag doesn’t try to cut you off when you actually turn.

It almost happened today.

I wanted to take my lane since traffic ahead was stopped since a car wanted to turn left as well and I was going the same speed as the car behind me. I signaled and I took my lane in the big gap between cars. The douchebag went left of center to try to pass me even though if they did they had no place to go afterward except into oncoming traffic or the back of the car stopped in front of all of us. They were probably on their cell phone too since everyone around here is. Tires squealed but no damage was done thankfully.

So this is just a friendly reminder to watch for hand signals (follow the link if you don’t remember them) and don’t be a douchebag. We have just as much right to the road as you do.

BTW: Most of the folks I encounter on the road have been very courteous my and the other bikes out there. I’m just ranting at the idiots out there.