An old Internet meme is Ugol’s Law. Quite simple it say’s you are not alone in whatever kink you might have.

The example that’s always given is the question: “Am I the only one who [whatever]?” to which the answer is uniformly “No.”

(Yes, you can apply Rule 34 to this as well… but that’s another post)

This is a very nondescript and impersonal way of saying it. This is where my corollary comes in. This applies the anthropic principle to the whatever.

“You live in a universe that allows you to enjoy [whatever], therefore there can be others that enjoy [whatever] as well since they live in the same universe.”

To me that makes a bigger difference — the acceptance that I am built in a certain way means other folks are too.

To extend it a bit more just mix in the golden rule — do unto others… If you want [whatever] done to you, others will as well. All you have to do is find the right person to play with that [whatever] with.

One clarification though: just because you like to do [whatever] doesn’t mean everyone likes that as well. You just have to find the right person/people to do that whatever with. Likewise, there will be no one person that will what do do all of the things that you do — that’ll lead to some compromise happening somewhere (and not necessarily to not do the [whatever]).