Today is right around the half-way point in this grand adventure around the globe on the airwaves of the past… I hope you’re not too bored yet!  :-)

While cataloging the cards today, which came mainly from Sweden, I happened on one from Uppsala:

I knew that sounded familiar… Then I remembered The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and how a lot of the story was based right there. It’s cool seeing things you’ve read about, if only in fiction, become real in a way.

Here’s a funny one — again from Sweden — but this time from a short wave listener (SWL):

Parma City… ;-) Stop and just read the card. Completely throwing I1CGK under the bus! Talk about dissing the dude.

I looked it up and here’s the card from the previous post:

From the same day too! This really just makes me laugh out loud! LOL for real!

The last one today is from a DXpedition in 1960:

I just dig the DXpeditions! This one activated the Coco’s Island entity. Even if it didn’t say DX-pedition on the card you can tell simply by looking at the printed “April ___ 1960” date. There’s no way you’d be doing that if you didn’t send out a ton of just those — and the only way you’d be doing that is if you were working the pileup that you caused by being the rare one!

The last one is an odd one:

This is the first amateur radio call that doesn’t have a number in it. “PZ” is a valid prefix for Suriname… and the card has a “1” in it in the address and the “I” doesn’t look like that at all. I tried to look it up and got nowhere… anyone have a clue about this one?

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Call File Alt Country City Post code Date Band Mode Comments
PZ5RK 8R1W Suriname Paramaribo Aug 12, 1970 15 SSB
PZICU Suriname Paramaribo Jan 17, 1971 10 SSB No number – WTF?
SK7BD Sweden Oskarshamn Oct 31, 1970 15 SSB
SL5AB Sweden Uppsala Oct 13, 1959 10 Fone
SM0DDZ Sweden Huddìnge Aug 30, 1974 20 Fone
SM4KF Sweden Insjön 1958 10 Fone No date – dupe time!!
SM5-3583 Sweden Uttran Oct 5, 1972 15 SSB Interesting message
SM5EAC Sweden Mjölby Feb 7, 1970 15 SSB
SM5EXE-1 Sweden Linköping Sep 21, 1970 15 SSB
SM5EXE-2 Sweden Linköping Sep 21, 1970 15 SSB Dupe, but different!
SM6ANC-1 Sweden Mölndal Nov 1, 1958 10 AM
SM6ANC-2 Sweden Mölndal Nov 1, 1958 10 AM QRM
SM6CKU Sweden Kinna May 15, 1967 20 SSB
SM6CTC Sweden Karlsborg Jan 10, 1972 15 SSB
SM7QC Sweden Alvesta Oct 10, 1959 10 AM Hand stamp
SP9CV Poland Swierczewkiego 17/46 Jun 16, 1976 20 SSB Just after Ennie was born!
SV1AE Greece Athens Sep 23, 1959 10 Fone
SV1AI Greece Athens Oct 21, 1959 10 Fone
TG9TS ZP4BB/ZP5CB/HR1CB Guatemala Guatemala City May 9, 1959 10 Fone
TI9AM TI2PI Coco’s Island Coco’s Island Apr 12, 1960 10 Fone Costa Rica – DXpedition