That picture is taken yesterday. I gave blood on Saturday and I think the phlebotomist kinda missed the vein. Hunting around a bit to get the flow going. (I have good veins, so this was surprising) Thing swelled up like I had a golf ball lodged in there. By Monday it just looked and felt like I got beaned with a baseball.

The funny thing is that I finally got En to come along with me to give blood — her first time ever. And she was done first. Gaaahhh!!

Everything can be a competition. Of course I learned of the blood-letting competition from C.A. at work (well, used to be at work) — he learned it in the Army. I was competing and I lost. :-(

Right now it’s still a bit discolored. But that’s OK. I gave my pint and I hope to help someone out. Pain is temporary.

Really though, this was the first time this happened to me. Go out and give some blood. It’s the right thing to do.

(And it counts for around 650 calories if you’re on a diet! How can you beat that?!)