No, not to or from the Amazon River basin in Brazil, but Amazon the company.

If you know me you probably know that I may as well have direct deposit to Amazon. I buy damn near everything from them. I know what depots they have and how long it takes to get to me from various places.

When I order something 95% of the time they throw it on a UPS truck. Around half the time it comes to me from Lexington, KY (maybe more even). Perhaps 25% of the time it comes from Indianapolis. The rest of the time it’s from somewhere else. (Either of the first two options get to me in one day with UPS ground — Bonus!)

A small fraction of the shipping is with FedEx or DHL, but UPS vastly outnumbers them.

Yesterday I ordered a 4TB USB drive array from them.

It promptly shipped the same day from Lexington (like most of my orders). But this time it’s a carrier I’ve never heard of: Prestige.

A Google search even had the suggest of “Prestige Shipping Amazon” so I’m not the only one wondering…

Ahh… the games a company like Amazon plays.

— oo —

In other news, why don’t people properly ring the doorbell? I missed a shipment from UPS because they didn’t push the doorbell hard enough. Gaaahhh!!

It’s like the fucking legal disclaimers you get with products. Yes, I know that bags are not toys. I know that food out of the microwave can be steamy. I know that coffee can be hot. This is how it goes down… every one of those is someone screwing up and now using things correctly.

This is what I now do.  :eek:

The white paper is covering another doorbell that rings the front desk (off the frame, but to the right of the picture). I had to cover it otherwise people were pressing it anyway even though I had a sign that says “Don’t push.” The  rest of the sign with the blue background is “Please ring doorbell for deliveries / You must press the button for about a second for it to work / tapping the button does not work

I took it apart and verified things work. They do. You just have to push the damn button.

The Post-It (ok, it’s a knock-off sticky-note from “Spider Tac Adhesive Products” ) is new. You have to actually PUSH THE BUTTON.


Why does it have to be so damn hard?!