It’s been half a year since I picked up the P229… I’m getting the itch to pick up something else. At this point I’m looking mainly at rifles — but I’m itching for a 1911 as well.

In terms of rifles I’m going for both ends of the spectrum — from .22 to 30-06.

A nice Ruger 10/22 or a Browning SA-22 would be a nice addition to the collection — and cheap to shoot to boot. At the other end I’d like to pick up a real rifle — I was thinking a bolt-action 30-06 would be a fun gun to take out to the range. I’d have to shoot it at an outdoor range instead of the 75′ that I get at Stonewall to let it stretch it’s legs a bit. It’s odd that I’m thinking both some of the weakest and strongest at the same time. Go figure.

The nice thing about the 30-06 is that I can reload it for not too much money. If I were shooting factory stuff I’d be in the poorhouse in short order, but my own… well that’s another story! :-D

Back to the pistol thing — I’m looking to enter some IDPA matches so a good single-action 1911 would be the right gun for the task. I already have a thousand or so cases and have the dies to load up .45 ACP so I’m all set for that. All I’d need to get is some large primers and I’d be money!

Ok — I wouldn’t win money… but the more I load the more I save… right?