Just got back from the ortho’s office and saw a total of three doctors. (Maybe two doctors put a nurse that has her stuff together)

They were surprised that I walked out of the urgent care. They actually kind of looked at each other dumbfounded when I told them I they gave me the option of getting crutches.

“Typically we want to do surgery in the first two-eight hours. 24 hours max. We’re, what, 72 hours in? We can schedule a surgery Thursday or maybe even tomorrow.”

Turns out I didn’t crack my femoral neck. I broke it and the femoral head shifted. The geometry of my right hip-joint is kinda fucked up at the moment. They took a set of X-rays today and they match up with the plates from Saturday. The original physician misread them completely. He should have set up a surgery right away or sent me to someone that would.


Of course this dramatically increases my odds of needing a hip replacement (The femur is a very vascular bone — if blood supply to the head is cut off it can die) . It’s certainly a longer recovery no matter how this plays out.


The procedure has two paths it might take:

  1. Manipulate the femoral head and see if they can pop it into place then shoot some pins in.
  2. If #1 doesn’t work then open me up and set up the geometry of my hip right and shoot some pins in.

#1 is outpatient. #2 would require a stay at the hospital. The plan is to see if #1 can be made to work and play it by ear.

We shall see. I forgot to get my X-rays to post, but I remember what they looked like and I can photoshop up what my innards look like.

Right now I’m waiting for a call from South Pointe Hospital to see when I need to show up. Most likely on Thursday from the sounds of it.

– = –

So, why did I go to the urgent care and not an ER? Simple: I didn’t think I had anything wrong with me and I wanted a confirmation. I still think that was the right decision given exactly what I knew at the time. Hindsight is 20/20 of course so I can’t beat myself up over that decision.

When you go see a doctor you are relying on them knowing what to do. This is a simple case. If you look at my two femurs, left and right, you can tell if you know what you are doing that they are not the same shape. One of these is not like the other.