It’s 12:40 now, I’m back in the waiting room, and George 98666 has been moved to green “In OR” status:

Mr. 98666

I was so glad to have the opportunity to sit with him for a while in pre-op! I didn’t realize they would let me. Says his hand hurts more than his hip:


In good spirits, probably a little nervous, but not letting on. Seems to be getting a lot of pleasure describing to everyone who asks the badass way he managed to break himself. HA! I, however, am in complete knots. Hate seeing him so vulnerable :-(

We chatted, were unreasonably entertained by the Pevco Systems pneumatic tube system:

AND we received an unexpected visit from our friend Eric who works as an EMT in the ER downstairs! He offered some comfort and laughs, and he’s going to stop up to visit later in the day when his shift ends. His best tip? Those little cups with the yellow liquid are NOT free apple juice.

Had a nurse or two stop by, anesthesiologist, and then the surgeon Dr. Krahe. I have to say, he really does make me feel good about this whole thing. He’s straight forward, clear, and kind. I’ve noticed that he takes his time talking to patients…doesn’t make you feel like he’s got about 10,000 things on his mind. He even sat down for a minute or two with us. Very unusual in my experience…

Finally, the last nurse came in to start getting him sleepy. “It’s like a margarita without the umbrella!” Was hard for me to go, but then again, not sure I’d want to watch surgery either. They wheeled him down the hall and out of site, and I made my way back out here. Now we wait…