Sitting now in what I would call “first stage recovery” next to a sleeping George.

Well, sometimes sleeping…

Groggy George

…he’s in and out.

They’re prepping a room for him on the 7th floor I think. Should be ready in a half hour or so. His mom’s going to stop by, and probably his brother too, which will be really nice I think.

My mom asked if she can come by too, and I hope I’m not being rude, but seeing how groggy George is, it just doesn’t seem to be a good idea to have a whole slew of folks around. I know she means well, but I think it should wait.

I got a little more info on his physical capabilities. Surprisingly, he is allowed full motion as long as he puts zero weight on his hip. In other words, tonight he can be comfortable in the bed, shifting as much as he needs to. For the weeks to come, he can move around pretty normally, which I know lowers the risk of blood clots. Yay! (it was one of the dozens of things on my worry list-cross that off!)

I was going back and forth over whether I should stay late or go home as soon as he’s settled, but a) Eric told me that visiting hours are 24/7, and b) seeing George all wired up makes me not want to leave his side for even a second. Maybe even sleep here…

But ultimately, I have to feed the cats, I have to shower, and have to get a good night’s sleep so I can be a 100% Nurse Ennie. So I’ll stick around here until he’s asleep for the night, then I’ll be back here bright and early.


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