It’s about 8 p.m. now and things have quieted down significantly. We’re up in room CDU-25 quietly hanging out, chatting here and there.

His mom and brother came by for about an hour…sometime around 6 p.m. I think George was pretty happy to see everyone, and his mom told me she felt so much better too. I’m glad she was there because she caught that he had a slight fever…we’re now all keeping track. Don’t want any infections…

George just finished a delicious spinach salad and pan seared talapia with a fruit salad garnish.


Surprisingly, NOT being sarcastic. George did use the word “delicious”. Either he was just that hungry, or hospitals have stepped up their game :-)

Well, he’s on his laptop now, so this will probably be my last guest post. Tomorrow at some point he has physical therapy, and I have a ZILLION questions to ask so that I can be the best Nurse Ennie I can be. I’ll probably head out in an hour or so to let him sleep. I’ll get myself and the kitties some dinner, do a little bit of cleaning and sick-bed prep, then try to sleep…