I’m finally well enough to use the laptop and start to look around. It took white a while for the anesthesia to wear off enough for me to ave some semblance of feeling OK. My mom and brother cam around to visit as well. :-)

When Ennie was telling  me that things were “perfect” that made my day. Of course I’m not home yet and doing the things I enjoy, but it’s certainly a good start!

I get to see Dr. Krahe tomorrow before I get discharged to let me know what to do. I’ll have a session with PT and OT sometime next week or so. It’s kinda funny that with the pins there’s not a whole lot that I seem to need to do other than just keep weight off it for a bit.

I want to thank everyone that had me in their thoughts. That was much appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.There is a lor of comfort knowing that I have a support system to lean on when I need to.