I can’t really express how nice it is to be back at home instead of at the hospital. From having the kitties around to sleeping in my own bed.

Random aside: the beds there are absolutely horrid. It’s some variety of air mattress. Of course they have many layers of fabric on top of it. So when I have to swing around to get in or out it’s suddenly very painful. I’m sinking in to the bed and the fabric is snagging. It’s the perfect storm of something getting in the way. Ack!

Right now I’m feeling basically fine. The only concern I have (and the doctor said this should go away with time) is that I have a lot of numbness on my right thigh. They had to work near the lateral cutaneous nerve to get to the break. It’s really strange feeling. I can definitely feel pressure, but the skin simply lacks feeling. I think it’s already a bit better than the morning…  :-)  (No they didn’t cut it, they had to move it aside to get under it.)

So about the surgery. They started by trying the Leadbetter technique to fix (reduce) the break. It sat around too long an was probably too fused to get it working. That’s when they called the audible to open me up. I have roughly four-inch incision on my hip now where they went it. They aligned things by putting them into place quite manually. They then made another series of holes in me to shoot in the three titanium screws for the internal fixation.

Now I’m sitting here and just waiting for time to pass; waiting for my leg to fuse, the muscles to regain strength and me being able to put weight on it again.