I have a wide selection of drug to pick from for pain now. Vicadin, Oxycontin, Percocet (for the prescription side) Advil, Tylenol and Aspirin on the over the counter side.

I have to say that so far the Percocet is working the best for me. I’m looking forward to not having to use any at all, but it gets rid of most of the pain without strange side-effects for me.

The only thing to really speak of is I seem to be sleeping “hot” and I’m having trouble finding a good temperature for me to sleep at. Small price to pay I think. :-)

On a more general view of things I think I’m recovering pretty well. I’m slowly (too slowly for my taste, but I’m impatient) getting some strength back to my right leg. I suppose that’s to be expected since they cut through a portion of my quadricep to get to the bone.

Later today I’ll post a picture of the blue marker marks on my thigh. With all the 3M Tegaderm holding everything in place it’s cool and see-through. That stuff is damn near magic. And I don’t have to change the dressing at all until my appointment next Thursday! (And it’s waterproof to boot so I can take a shower)