I’ll start off with the picture of the surgical site all bandaged up:

The big dressing on top is covering an approximate 4-inch incision that gave the doctors access to my femoral head area after not being able to to a closed reduction. The dressing patches on the bottom is covering four small incisions where the shot in the three titanium screws. You can even see the surgeon’s initials right in the center of the shot, DK, as a precaution that they’re about to work on the correct part of me.

(Note: why four incisions for three screws? I don’t know. I’ll ask at my next appointment)

The rest is a non-sexy four-day regrowth on my shaved leg. It was never really “woman” smooth to begin with, but it’s getting to the point where I might have to wear hose.  :-D

The good thing is that there’s no blood or seepage to be seen anywhere!

– = –

Regardless, the small things that I was talking about with the title are things like finally regaining a bit of muscle control over my right leg.

As of Saturday morning it was mostly hanging like a 70-pound bag of meat. Almost no hip-muscle control at all. By night I was able to lift it up a little!

This morning — even more! I’m now able to lift it under its own power! Sweet!  :victory:

Another small thing is starting to get over the minor fever I’ve had for a while. We asked the doc yesterday about it and any of a myriad of things can be causing it; from the recovery from the general anesthesia to a reaction to any of the other drugs I’m on. It can even be from the generally plugged up bowels…

But the small things… like moving my leg and the numb patch shrinking make me smile. :-)

I’d raise a glass to recovery, but that’s not a good mix with the Percocet from what I understand. I’ll raise a glass of prune juice! Mmmm… ummm…