A day away from the leg! Huzzah!

We go on voyage to different parts of the old British Empire. All of today’s cards start with a V which is where the rest of the Commonwealth ended up. This will break up into three different areas today: Canada (more specifically Newfoundland), the Caribbean and finally Australia.

Why this one? What’s not to like about the idyllic beach scene from down under? Even the name of the place sounds like some place to kick back: Shelly Beach, Queensland. I can see myself on a chair there with an umbrella reading a book watching the Pacific Ocean lapping at the shore. Now think of that in February in the winter — when it’s summer down there.  :drink:   :sun:   :chic:  You can tell why the Tourism Bureau pays for these cards!

I am confused about the AX4 that’s crossed out. AX4 is a special even call prefix that you can get for Australia. Actually AX is and 4 is the region code for it. There’s no reference to what the special event would be. Anyone know?

I’m just including a card from Tasmania so I can link to the slightly NSFW (It’s on YouTube so it’s not even R-rated) song from Amanda Palmer: Map of Tasmania.


Satellite view of Tasmania

In any case… moving on to the Caribbean. There’s been a lot of political change there. Here’s a place that had a lot of change in general though:

Montserrat. The little island has gone through a lot of change over the past century. Even before then it has changed hands more often than most of the places I’ve read about. Spain in 1493, England in 1632, France in 1782, the Federal Colony of the Leeward Islands from 1871 to 1958 (under British rule), the West Indies Federation from ’58-62 (still in the Commonwealth however).

When the QSL card was sent out it had recently (1962 on) rejoined as part of Great Britain again.

The political stuff is what they write articles about in dry newspapers. The next few decades brought a few big disasters: in 1995 the volcano on the south end of the island erupted destroying much of the populated areas of the island. A look at Google Maps shows roads that used to exist. The names aren’t even on them any more. Ghost roads.

View Larger Map

The last one is from someplace I spent the night a few years back:

Corner Brook, NL. That’s where I spent the first night I even spent in Newfoundland. I don’t recall the exact hotel at the moment, but I remember it was after a long dark ride across the Rock after I got off the ferry.

I want to go back to Newfoundland and Labrador. With a better outcome obviously. It’s a beautiful place. Corner Brook is just a stone’s throw from Gros Morne, one of the singularly most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. :-)  <sigh/>


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Call Alt Country City Post code Date Band Mode Comments
VK4EF     Australia Brisbane, QLD   Jun 19, 1969 20 Fone  
AX4QM VK4QM   Australia Shelly Beach, QLD 4551 May 15, 1972 20 SSB  
VK5CV     Australia Henley Beach, SA   Apr 27, 1967 20 SSB  
VK5WA     Australia North Adelaide, SA   Apr 27, 1967 20 SSB  
VK6KK     Australia Lesmurdie, WA   Apr 23, 1971 20 SSB  
VK7AZ     Australia Bellerive, TAS   Apr 10, 1969 20 SSB  
VK7GC VK0AS, VK4SI, VK9GC   Australia Hobart, TAS 7001 Sep 22, 1969 20 SSB  
VO1BV     Canada Harbour Grace, NL   Mar 12, 1959 10 Fone Went by there in my travels
VO1FA     Canada Corner Brook, NL   Jan 1, 1959 10 Fone Says 10MC, but is 10M
VP1HA     Belize El Cayo   Apr 6, 1959 10 Fone British Honduras
VP2AC     Antigua     May 29, 1968 20 SSB Ex. British West Indies
VP2AR     Antigua     Feb 2, 1960 10 AM Ex. British West Indies
VP2KT     St. Kitts     Feb 9, 1972 20 SSB Ex. British West Indies
VP2LI     St. Lucia     Feb 4, 1973 20 SSB Ex. British West Indies
VP2MY     Montserrat     Mar 5, 1972 10 SSB  
VP5NB     Turks & Caicos Islands Grand Turk Island   May 9, 1970 10 SSB  
VP5WB     Jamaica Montego Bay   Sep 29, 1959 10 Fone  
VP7BE     Bahamas San Salvador Island   Oct 31, 1959 10 Fone  
WA2HUU-V01     Canada Argentia, NL   Jan 24, 1960 10 AM  
WB8JEY-VP2S     St. Vincent Palm Island   Jan 9, 1976 20 SSB Obs. ’81, now J8