Heh, that makes it sound dramatic than it is. ;-)

I’m conducting an experiment on myself today. The last Percocet I took was at noon today.

I’ve been taking one Percocet every four hours since Thursday night. I started taking it perhaps 10 hours after the general anesthesia started to wear off. This was a regular event except for one six-hour span to see if the pain would hold off on Saturday night/Sunday morning (the answer, by the way, was no). This continued until today at lunch.

Of course then around six to seven hours later… I had a crash. Tired. Tingly. Woozy.

I guess that this is a good thing that I’m doing this now. No pain yet either, so I guess I have to sleep it off tonight.

…and with my long-suffering loving wife beside me, we’ll make it through this. And I’ll stay on the wagon.