This is something that’s been stuck in me for a good long while.

Well before the “incident” that left me on crutches for the next month.

I am, quite rightly I suppose, eligible to get one of those handicap placards to hang on the rear-view to park near the door.

No. Like the title says: F#ck that sh!t!


Because there are people that need it.

Don’t I need it?

No. I can get around just fine thank you. I might be slower than before, but I have no problem getting around. I have my good leg and decent upper-body strength to carry me through this.

There are people that do need it. People that really do have a problem getting around. Why would I want to take a space that they can use?

That gets to the heart of my frustration. That people aspire to park close.

Outside my window at work there’s the handicap parking for most of the building. There are, as dictated by law, some spots that are hashed out to allow for things like wheelchair vans and so forth that need extra clearance.

This makes perfect sense. Accommodate people so they can have what they need to function.

The problem with this is I see people park there in the hashed out spots every day. Not only that but I see people with no real apparent problem with the handicap placards filling up the handicap spots.

What defines a handicap anyway?

If you need assistive devices for you to move around then you should be able park there. If you are too old and frail such that curbs pose a very real hazard you should be able to park there.

If you are just too big and dislike walking… well… maybe you should walk some more.

BTW: This is the parking lot for one of the Cleveland Clinic call centers.

We’re averaging around one ambulance a month carting someone out of there.

Maybe people shouldn’t be as freakishly afraid of walking.

But like I was saying. I’m not going to have anything to do with that. I’ll crutch around. Hopefully I’ll see some dipshit taking up a handicap spot and stroll away and confront them about it. If I can move around with a broken leg, what the hell is stopping them?

At least I’m armed with some really long metal arms.  ;-)

Ok — I’ll make one caveat. If this were winter I might consider it. Crutches and icy walkways don’t make a spectacular combination. But this being the late spring/early summer…