Well, it’s not a tumor. (Tomah?) There’s two likely culprits. It’s either a hematoma (more likely) or an abscess (less likely).

Ewww… gross.

The quarter is there for a sense of scale. I just seem to be an overachiever, eh? It’s great when a doctor comments how big it is. Or the nurse “I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that!”


It grew from being the size of a grape to the size of an egg. Wait. Strike that. All growths must be measured in the size of a fruit or vegetable. Maybe the size of a small kiwi fruit? Ennie suggested a shallot. Perhaps an apricot?

In any case I’ll be at the doctors’ office again and they’ll likely drain it tomorrow and we get to see what’s inside.

Awesome birthday present: draining a hematoma.

:doctor: :present:

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