Ooh my little lumpy one, lumpy one
I hope you gonna go away some time seroma
Ooh you really grow on me, grow on me.
Always seem to fillin’ up my seroma.

Right under the cut, gettin’ huge
Even after gettin’ drained, on my hip,
Really don’t want to go away.
My my my i yi woo
My my my my seroma.

Get a little bigger huh, ah will ya huh,
Looking like you’re gonna explode, seroma.
If you do the yellow stuff, oozing out,
Running down the length of my thigh, seroma.

* Refrain

When ya gonna go away? Go away?
It’s just a matter of time, seroma
You are just to gross for me, gross for me.
I will win no matter what! Fuck you seroma!

* Refrain

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