It seems that I often do things that most people don’t typically do. I put myself in positions that I’m somewhat — or even mostly — uncomfortable.


It’s a hard question I suppose.

I tend to write things off as “it builds character.” That’s a strange way of dealing with annoyance.

Riding a motorcycle across the Canadian plains can’t really be describes as “fun” when you get to the sixth hour of looking at wheat fields and the thing that keeps you awake is counting the old-style grain elevators.

At the time I wasn’t having fun, but just thinking about it I wouldn’t mind being back there right now.

Same with camping sometimes… being too hot and sweaty. To what end?

“Builds character.”


Writing off a bike in Labrador.

“Builds character.”

A strange masochistic streak if there ever was one.


– = –

I wrote the above maybe a month or two ago… before the broken leg/hip.

If anything is a character building event it’s this.

Everyone is a product of everything that they’ve gone through in their life. While I’m not happy that I broke, I’m convinced that it’ll make me a better person in the long run.

Like I was writing yesterday, the doctor gave me the go-ahead to start putting weight on my leg as long as it doesn’t hurt. Well, it doesn’t hurt to walk. It’s giving me a completely new appreciation of the simple task of walking. Walking is just something that I used to take for granted.

It’s little things like that.