A quick one today mainly from South Africa — with once exception from Paraguay.

Today I’m going to lay off the politics. I think everyone knows it was a harsh time down in South Africa at the time.

I think the most interesting sequence in this update is this exchange:

This is a bit of documentation from at least 14 years of I’m guessing a marriage. It starts off with Edna ZS5OB in 1959. The next one is from her husband (?) Stan in April 5th of 1973 followed up with Edna again the next day!

When I was looking through these I figured that it just seemed to be a duplicate or something since the first two cards look just about the same. Then I realized that the duplicate call was from Edna! :-D I like her new design with the Hibiscus Coast.

Another thing I like (and I’ve been looking for a while) is for some cards that were sent near when I was born. These are pretty darned close! I still have my eyes peeled for something even closer.

BTW: A Bottle Store is some place you can stock up on your liqueur. *hic!*  :-P

The other one I’m pulling out is just for a silly reason.

Check out the stash.


No offense though to Norm though. I’m sure it was in style then.

Maybe I should try out that look.

What’cha say?

Or maybe I should ride a lobster instead?

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Call Alt Country City Post code Date Band Mode Comments
ZP5FH Paraguay Asuncion Aug 27, 1970 15 SSB
ZS1AB-1 South Africa Cape Town Apr 10, 1960 10 Fone
ZS1AB-2 South Africa Cape Town Feb 25, 1962 10 AM
ZS2MI South Africa Germiston Sep 5, 1972 20 SSB
ZS3B South Africa Luderitz Feb 10, 1959 10 Fone
ZS4CX South Africa Upington Dec 5, 1961 10 Fone
ZS4PY South Africa Orange Free State Feb 9, 1975 ? SSB
ZS5BV South Africa Sep 24, 1959 10 Fone
ZS5IQ South Africa Natal Jan 20, 1970 10 SSB
ZS5OA South Africa Margate Apr 5, 1973 15 Fone Stan Herbert
ZS5OB-1 South Africa Margate Mar 1, 1959 10 Fone Edna Herbert
ZS5OB-2 South Africa Margate Apr 6, 1973 15 Fone Edna Herbert
ZS6ACK South Africa Transvaal Mar 21, 1970 10 SSB
ZS6ADP South Africa ? ? ? ?
ZS6APQ South Africa Johannesburg Mar 12, 1960 10 Fone
ZS6AQI South Africa Brakpan Sep 24, 1959 10 Fone
ZS6ASR South Africa Germiston Sep 25, 1959 10 Fone
ZS6VJ South Africa Maraisburg Mar 12, 1961 10 Fone
ZS6ZE South Africa Pretoria Mar 4, 1973 15 SSB
ZS8I South Africa Basutoland Mar 11, 1960 ? Fone