Last week I wrote about misrouting in the postal service… they delivered the package to me, even though it was late.

This time they screwed the pooch big time though.

I ordered up 2000 bullets (just the projectile part, not the whole cartridge) and the box got shipped in the medium priority mail flat rate box.

Each of these bullets weighs 200 grains. So in total there’s 400,000 grains. 7000 grains in a pound gives you a total of a bit more than 57 pounds.

Lead, as it turns out, is heavy.

I ordered up these bullets from Missouri Bullet Company. In this case the IDP #1 bullets. Like in the past when I ordered bullets, they ship them out super quick.

No problem.

I ordered them late on June 8th (well past business hours) and it was in the mail my 9 AM the next day.

Looking at the tracking:

Except I never got them.

Emailing MBC for the tracking I got the tracking that you see above.


It’s marked “delivered.” But where the hell is it if it’s not in my hand?

So someone has 2000 bullets? Isn’t that a problem? 2000 bullets floating around does seem bad. Unless you know what to do with them I guess the worst thing you can do is throw them at someone. Eating them is probably a bad thing too.

But imagine the average Joe hearing that 2000 bullets are floating around…

Girding for a fight I went to the post office yesterday (June 16th) with a printout of the tracking.

“Oh, it was too heavy.”


“Why was it marked delivered? Couldn’t someone tell me they were here?”

*blank stare*


Stupid USPS.