A really mixed bag comes at us today. It seems that the sorting that Bill did somewhat started to break down a bit.

Even though this isn’t a filled out card, it’s an important one since the ITU is the world organization for telecommunications. This are the folks that set the standard for just about everyone in the world.

Why the Hungary one? Simply because that’s where my family is from. Not only that but the language is kind of funny. “Technical University of Heavy Industry Higher Insitute of Digital Control for Chemical Engineering”

In all of these cases it’s fun seeing where these cities are. Kazincbaricka is still over there in Hungary. Would you expect anything less, no, but it’s still fun. :-)

The last today brings back memories of the space program, specifically the moon landings!

The folks at the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center (Now the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center) put together the space ship that went to the moon. This card was only around while the Apollo 17 mission was up in the air (and, I suppose space).

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4U1ITU     Switzerland Geneva          
CR4AJ     Cape Verde Mendelo   Jan 11, 1968 20 SSB  
DK5OY     Germany Hausselbergweg   Oct 26, 1975 20 SSB  
G3BID     United Kingdom Dorset   Sep 23, 1975 20 SSB  
G3NOF     United Kingdom Somerset   Oct 24, 1975 20 SSB  
HA9KPU     Hungary Kazincbarcika   Jun 25, 1975 20 SSB  
KC6CT     Western Caroline Islands     Jan 18, 1971 10 Fone  
LZ2VP     Bulgaria Sofia   Apr 26, 1975 10 SSB  
OA4O     Peru Lima   Mar 2, 1975 15 SSB  
OE1JHA     Austria Vienna   Jan 2, 1975 20 SSB  
SM6EOR     Sweden Vargön   Sep 3, 1975 20 SSB  
SWL-E06-1527068 HA9KPU   Germany Schwarzenbek   Jun 24, 1975 20 SSB Frankfurter Straße 2
UK4WAC UA4KWO   USSR Izhevsk   Apr 29, 1975 20 SSB  
VE2xxx     Canada Charlettetown   Sep 4, 1967 ? ? No call. WTF?
WM5MSC W5TFC   United States Houston, TX   Dec 19, 1972 15 SSB Apollo 17 design center
ZS3HT     South West Africa Windhoek   Apr 16, 1973 15 SSB Namibia
ZS6ADP-2 Z9ZEP   South Africa Carletonville   ? ? ?  
ZS6APK     South Africa Springs   Apr 5, 1960 10 Fone  
ZS6ATF     South Africa Germiston   Dec 19, 1959 10 Fone  
ZS6ATM     South Africa Vanderbijlpark   Nov 16, 1962 10 Fone