Ok. Duh. Doctors are people. What can be more obvious.

Yes. I know. Some people are doctors and you must be a person to be a doctor, therefore all people are doctors.

Stupid and tautalogical.

I ran into the doctor that aspirated my seroma at the Winking Lizard today. We were walking in and he was walking out in full hospital scrubs. I don’t know if he recognized me as the guy from the ER with the ginourmous seroma. He seemed to have a glimmer of recollection though. I don’t know. En and I realized who he was after the door closed behind him.

It feels strange in a way to be peers. Here’s the guy that saw me in the ER when I was dressed up in a gown. To have such a power imbalance at times, but be just normal people at other times.

I’m not a doctor, so I can only imagine… being a doctor you get to see people at their most vulnerable. You get to see people as only their spouse will at times. The level of trust is immense.

Seeing “Big Al,” the doctor, just walking out after a long day on the job brought him back down.

He’s just a person.

It just struck me though.

All of us are just going through our lives doing our best. All of us are people. All of us really are the same.

Is it deep. No not really. But it somehow hit me.