I was listening to a story on NPR yesterday. It was on the flooding in Minot, ND.

The interview was going on when the sirens went off to evacuate the town. Listen to it — it’s moving to hear the voice of Kim Fundingsland when the sirens go off

We were in the car when we heard it.

I heard Minot a few seconds into the interview. I looked over to En, “We’ve been there.”

We were.

Mexican Restaurant in Minot, ND - 2008

We stopped there on the way back home from Alaska. It was our first stop in the States after we got back from Canada on the long slog back from the Yukon. It marked roughly the half way home point on the way back.

The night before we stayed at a medieval-themed Travelodge if I recall correctly. It was a long day when we rolled into Saskatoon — dark by the time we got there.

The next day we started off taking what seemed like minor highways winding our way through the Canadian plains spending time counting the old fashioned grain elevators. We wanted to call it a day a bit sooner.

We stopped at the Best Western in Minot. Rooms seemed a bit scarce for some reason a rodeo or something was in town then. They had a room and we checked in around 6-ish. We took a shower and walked across the parking lot to the Paradiso — a Mexican joint that was right there.

(I just looked and I’m not sure it’s still there)

I’m not sure how the food was, but I remember it was absolutely spectacular. Food after a long day on the road and a shower can’t be beat. I still remember the margarita. :-) Then walk back to the hotel (don’t drink and ride!) and chill out and get a good night sleep for another long day back.

The hotel is still there. It’s far enough from the river.

The main part of the town isn’t though.

It’s strange. I still remember driving into town. I guess it’s because it was the first time back in the country. But I remember everything about that leg of the trip. Even the smell of the indoor pool there.

I just feel bad for all the folks there now. It’s shocking how different it looks now compared to the picture up top.