Today: A really fun mixed bag of cards from all over! None of this “all we have is Germany today” nonsense now!

I’ll lead off with another of the 4U1 series:

The UN recreation council’s QSL card.

The interesting thing is that there’s only four permanent calls in that and you’ve seen two of them:

  1. 4U1UN – The United Nations
  2. 4U1ITU – The International Telecommunication Union
  3. 4U1WB – The World Bank
  4. 4U1VIC – Vienna International Radio Club

Sometimes there’s some commemorative 4U1 calls and the rest of 4U is sometimes used for other UN operations.

It’s cool seeing this one as well.

This one talks about the first atomic power station in the world. A bit of digging showed that this was at Obninsk. It came online in 1954 and stayed active until 2002 (!). This was the prototype reactor for the design that was eventually used in Chernobyl. Like some of the other cards from the USSR they were big on pimping everything that they were doing better than we were — if not better, but at least first.

The last one today is from W1AW. This is the ARRL radio station that’s been running since 1936. The ARRL is like the NRA, instead of advocating for guns and gun rights, the ARRL advocates for amateur radio and spectrum rights.

I’m a member of both. I like rights.

Take a look at the rest of them too. we have some neat ones today!

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4U1UN W2MZV HB9RS   United Nations / USA New York   Nov 12, 1981 20 SSB  
4UITU-2     United Nations / Switzerland Geneva   Jun 20, 1972 NA NA Eyeball
5V1KG     Togo     Nov 15, 1967 20 SSB  
8P6CC     Barbados St. Michael   May 17, 1968 20 SSB  
9G1GA     Ghana Tema   Apr 28, 1967 20 SSB  
9H3ITF-1     Malta Naxxar   Jul 14, 1972 15 SSB  
9H3ITF-2     Malta Naxxar   Jul 6, 1972 15 SSB  
9J2WR     Zambia Kitwe   Mar 6, 1971 10 SSB  
9Y4NN     Trinidad Port-of-Spain   Mar 7, 1971 20 SSB  
DU1GJM     Philippines Angeles City   Aug 31, 1972 15 SSB  
FM7AA     Martinique     Oct 11, 1972 20 SSB  
JA3XPO     Japan Osaka   Mar 17, 1970 15 SSB  
RA3QBU     USSR Moscow   Oct 13, 1959 10 Fone  
VE8BY     Canada Yellowknife, NT   Nov 29, 1959 10 Fone  
VR6KY     Pitcairn Island     Feb 22, 1983 15 SSB  
W1AW     USA Newington, CN   Jun 19, 1967 20 SSB  
W1ICP/5     USA Silver City, NM   Mar 11, 1983 ? Fone  
WA2BVU-4X     Israel Jerusalem   Jan 26, 1972 10 SSB  
WA9SLZ     USA Wannakee, WI   Oct 22, 1968 20 ?  
ZW2SD     Brazil São Carlos   Apr 12, 1970 15 SSB