I apologize for being a day late with this. The Wisteria campground had some broken WiFi and the cellular coverage was dodgy at best. There would be no way I would possibly be able to get this up.

In any case we’re starting to get more and more local with these. Today it’s all just the USA and a bunch of Canada ones.

I’ll start off with a card that isn’t really a QSL card, but something from the military:

And here’s it’s brother:

I don’t think the first one is an envelope, but the second one is coming from the same general place.

MARS is the Military Auxiliary Radio Service. It’s a radio service in the same sense of the word as the ARS to which it’s addressed to. It’s not providing broadcasting, but rather a set of spectrum allocations. MARS was a way for overseas servicemen to talk and send messages for free to their friends and loved ones at home. Now it’s mainly used to bridge the gap between the military and state and local forces and to test new technologies.

This isn’t the first MARS-related card I saw. I’m pretty sure there was another one already that was thanking Vic for a phone patch. Basically he would connect the radio to the phone and it would be a free long distance call for them!

Now here we have a really old card from 1932. Almost 80 years old and still in one piece. Well, almost. This stamp was cut off no doubt to be used in his stamp collection. :-) The rest of the card survives just fine.

It’s cool looking at the old cards. The handwriting is so different from what it is today. While I’m sure everyone of the era could read it (since it seems most of them all wrote like that themselves), I have a hell of at it.

I’m tossing this on the pile since it illustrated an old tradition of making your call sign into a phrase. In this case 5OB turned into “Five Old Bottles.” And wouldn’t you know, there’s the five old bottles on the card itself. Vic’s W8DFL was either “Dog Food Love” or “Dogs For Lunch” depending on who’s telling the story.

One more since I was late:

This is a “new” one from the year I was born. From one of the few women I’ve seen so far. And Eila is local! “Chix-On-Six” from the Y.L.R.L. — Young Lady Radio League. All women on the air are young ladies to be sure, just like all the guys are old men.  :-P  (Yes, OM is a proper term to use to refer to any guy on the air)

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ARS-W8DFL     USA Parma, OH   n/a n/a n/a No idea what this is for
K5WAB AA5WAB   USA Fort Hood, TX 76544 Feb 21, 1972 15 Fone  
VE-SWL     Canada Toronto, ON   Jun 29, 1932 ? Fone  
VE1CO     Canada Summerside, PE   Mar 5, 1933 20 Fone  
VE1DR     Canada Glace Bay, NS   Jan 22, 1933 20 Fone  
VE1XS     Canada Cape Breton Island, NS   Feb 7, 1959 10 Fone  
VE2ABH     Canada Charlevoix, QC   Oct 3, 1969 20 SSB  
VE2RCS     Canada Courcelette, QC   Nov 24, 1969 20 SSB  
VE2XPO-1     Canada Montreal, QC   Jul 26, 1967 20 SSB  
VE2XPO-2     Canada Montreal, QC   Jul 14, 1976 20 SSB  
VE3HB     Canada London, ON   Dec 7, 1936 40 Fone  
VE3OC     Canada Windsor, ON   Apr 28, 1933 ? Fone  
VE3WY     Canada Port Arthur, ON   Dec 20, 1967 20 SSB  
VE4DXIAD     Canada Winnipeg, MB   Oct 25, 1971 40 SSB  
VE4FU     Canada Winnipeg, MB   Jan 14, 1933 ? Fone  
VE5OB     Canada Saskatoon, SK   Oct 13, 1958 10 AM  
VEblank     Canada ?, PE         Blank card
W6KLI     USA Valinda, CA 91747 Jan 12, 1972 20 SSB  
WA8EBS     USA Fairview Park, OH 44126 Jan 16, 1973 15 SSB Very local
WX3MAS     USA Bethlehem, PA   Dec 20, 1969 20 SSB Very local