Today might seem boring with nothing except Canada and US cards. But it’s not! We have some cards from some of the most remote parts of North America — some of the most remote parts of the world!

I think today it’s a toss-up between the next three:

This one comes to us from Baker Lake way up near the arctic circle. It says it’s from the Northwest Territories, but now this is Nunavut. It’s a contest with this other one:

This is up from Iqaluit — the capital city of Nunavut. It’s the captal city of the province that only has just over 33,000 people in it. The capital only has just over 6,000 people.

But the winner I think is this one from VE8PH:

Unfortunately this is an undated card, but it looks like it came from a DXpedition in 1948. Nottingham Island is a rock at the top of the Hudson Bay with nothing on it. How Bob, George, Don and Martin got there I might never know. The “easy” way is to fly in with a ski plane in the winter… but that doesn’t seem like a blast. No one there except maybe that polar bear that’s on the card.

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The last one I’m pulling in is just because I think it’s funny:


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K1CYJ K1CYJ-1 USA St. Agatha, ME Jun 15, 1967 10 Fone
K1CYJ K1CYJ-2 USA St. Agatha, ME Jun 21, 1958 10 Fone
K1KNI USA Forge Village, MA 1828 Oct 7, 1967 20 SSB
VE5OB VE5OB-2 Canada Saskatoon, SK Feb 15, 1969 10 AM
VE6AG Canada Calgary, AB Dec 25, 1958 10 Fone
VE6AGV Canada Calgary, AB Apr 3, 1970 20 SSB
VE6JI-1 Canada Barons, AB Dec 30, 1958 10 Fone
VE6JI-2 Canada Barons, AB Blank?
VE6JI-3 Canada Barons, AB Dec 30, 1958 10 Fone
VE6MP Canada Calgary, AB Sep 27, 1959 10 Fone
VE6PZ Canada Red Deer, AB Sep 26, 1959 10 Fone
VE6UV Canada Edmonton, AB Oct 30, 1958 10 Fone
VE7AGF Canada Crescent Valley, BC Feb 3, 1959 10 Fone
VE8PH Canada Nottingham Island, NT 1948 Blank. Now Nunavut
VE8RJ Canada Baker Lake, NT Feb 4, 1960 10 Fone Now Nunavut
VE8YH Canada Iqaluit, NT Jan 5, 1973 15 Fone Frobisher Bay. Now Nunavut
W1EPH USA Fall River, MA Jun 20, 1958 10 Fone
W1GJE USA Goffstown, NH Aug 6, 1972 40 SSB 40M!
WA1DRB USA Colonial Newport, RI Jul 29, 1970 20 SSB
WB2FGF WB2PMP USA Oceanside, NY 11572 Jan 9, 1968 20 Fone