Before X-Day I dropped off my bicycle at the shop to get fixed up. The brake hoods got all messed up and I wanted thing checked out overall.

I picked the bike up a week ago after we got home.

This morning I swapped out the tires on it. The old ones were starting to shed long stringy pieces of rubber-covered-somethings so I figured a new set would be a good thing.

After work: the first ride after the incident.

The accident was on May 14th. The surgery was on the 19th.

In less than two months I’m back, baby!

Ok, so my knee still hurts I’m guessing from the muscles being weak from being cut through and all. My knee didn’t stop me.

We started off with a short 5-7 mile ride and it felt great. I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t. We rode some more.

At the end my knee felt better than when I left. I think this might be the best PT that I can be doing on it.

14 miles on the new hip! (Ok, not new, but screwed together)

Life is good!