(This is a rant. Ignore if you want to… )


Let’s start from the beginning.

I was installing Visual Studio 2010 on my work laptop. It was just about complete with the install when it decided it wanted to blue screen.

That in itself isn’t the sucky part. XP blue screens. It’s expected behavior. (*)

I fired up Visual Studio and it worked. Except every time I fired up help (which, if you’re a programmer, is essential since it has all of the API docs) it crashed.

Ok. Well, that’s sucky.

While this was going on I started up Windows Update to see if whatever was causing the suck would be updated away.

That doesn’t suck. The suck is it’s been on step 5 of 13 for the past hour and a half with the hard drive light intermittently blinking.

The real question I have is why the hell are companies so resistant to move off XP? I can understand the excuse if you have an app that requires some bug in XP to run… but for normal work, why cripple your employees with a 10-year-old OS on hardware that was designed to run Windows 7?

Not just that but the computer is loaded up with software that takes up an extra gig of memory and it’s just the 32-bit version of XP. It can’t even address the 4GB that’s in there! (note: I added 2GB to it myself) Just booting the computer you have more than 1GB consumed. Sometimes I’ve even seen the anti-virus balloon up to around 400MB.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

So here I am with a computer that’s been useless for the past two or three hours… waste of time and money.

* – Well, the root cause is it’s a 10+ year-old operating system. Hardware manufacturers have moved on. Now the drivers that come with things suck.


1/2 hour after the post we’ve moved on to “update 6 of 13.” And it’s been there for around 1/2 hour as well.