I was looking at these since they came out a few days ago.

Why upgrade from the old MacBook Pro Late 2008? Is it even an upgrade?

Well, the biggest reason is the size and battery life of the new machine. It’s a compelling argument to have something as light as this computer that can honestly last more than 6 hours of real use. Even with the CPU cranked it’s been estimating around two and a half hours of run time.

The MBP was getting around three hours when it was idling.

That’s a huge difference!

The screen, while it’s 13″, is actually the same resolution as the 15″ MBP.

So I walked into the Apple store in Legacy Village and picked one up and brought it home.

So far it certainly seems like an upgrade from the MBP. I can’t complain about the performance of the i7 processor. I do wish it had more memory, but I’m figuring that with the flash storage a bit of swapping isn’t going to be completely deadly.

Speaking of the flash, I can attest that it’s fast. Launching applications has never been faster for me, even on the bit iMac upstairs.

So far I’m really happy with it. I’m surprised in a way how fast it is. Likewise I’m very surprised how good the audio sounds.

Here are the weights of the Mac laptops I have around:

  • Mid 2011 MacBook Air: 2.95 lbs / 1.34 kg
  • Late 2008 Unibody MacBook Pro: 5.52 lbs / 2.51 kg
  • Mid 2008 MacBook: 4.91 lbs / 2.23 kg

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