Ennie and I went to the Borders near us to see if there were any good deals. They’re closing soon.  :cry: That being said, the prices weren’t super at the moment. Typically I used to wait until I got some coupons, but I didn’t have any at the moment.

That’s not the point of this post.

While walking back to our car we ran into this:

We actually saw the woman go and park her SUV in the fire lane while going into the Rusty Bucket.

She walked out and Ennie asked:

Ennie: You know that’s the fire lane, right?
Bitch: Yeah, I know.
Me: If there’s a fire, that’s where fire trucks go.
Bitch: Yeah, I know.
Me: And there’s a parking spot right over there.
Bitch: Yeah, I know.

She seemed so smug about her parking prowess. You can actually see open parking spots in the top picture. They were maybe another 40 feet away.

Now, when I see people that have the dumb I’m going to try to post it here. Hopefully someone might, maybe see this and not think they are more important than the rest of society.

Some laws are put in place to protect us all. Things like fire lanes. If there’s a fire then big equipment needs to get around. For my own safety and the safety of my friends and family I want those clear. I don’t want people that think they are better than everyone else because they have a god given right to do whatever the hell they want making my friends and family unsafe.

So there.

For the record: This was a Toyota Rav 4 License EYW 5813.

I should have asked her to pose for the camera since she was so proud of her parking job.