The US QSLs continue… and likely will for the rest of the time as well for what it’s worth.

I’ll start with one that looks like a new one for the most part:

The style is very reminiscent of the cards from the 60’s with the big bold graphic letters. Then I noticed the paper it was printed on. Then Vic’s address.

The Bambeck family seemed to sprout up in the Warren area. Most of the really old QSL cards are aimed there. All of the newer cards went to Parma. This is the first one that caught my eye that was going to Canton. I guess that’s an intermediate stop on the move west for the family.

En also explains that their family only ever bought Hoover vacuum cleaners. Hoover was based out of Canton before the company she works for now acquired them a few years back. (Of course that company is back on the block again… )

In any case I finally looked at the date: 1936. :-)

November 30th. Such a nice time to be down south in Ft. Lauderdale. It predates the Cuban missile crisis by a few years. Nice warm days instead of the post-Thanksgiving freeze that you get up here in the Cleveland area.

I spent a month of two down there in the summer while growing up. My dad moved down to Pompano Beach back in the 80’s. Pompano Beach is a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale. Like I said we were down there in the summer — when the atmosphere mugs you every time you open the door. You also get the clockwork rains in the early afternoon.

Ahh… and the bugs.  (Mom, remember? ;-) )

Good times…

WB5ZLJ QSL CardI just have no idea how to read this one… It has some scribbled out W8DOH address info for Joseph Juhasz. It has something on it going to Albuquerque, NM… but how did Vic get a hold of it? It has some random scribbles on the for what looks to be a scheduled net of some variety with frequencies in both 40 and 15 meters. To top it off it’s not filled out.

The presence of the ZIP code means it can’t be older than around 1963, but even that would be rare.

We might never know… maybe I should track some of these folks down and ask. :-)

Why this blank one? No reason other than it’s from a Herb Nelson. Probably not the Herb Nelson that has a dish named after him at our favorite diner… Jim’s Open Kitchen has a plate of a bit of everything that’s called just that: The Herb Nelson.

It would be cool if it here him. heh.

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K4AZ USA Keystone Heights, FL Blank – Herb Nerson
K4FSX USA Gainesville, FL 32607 Oct 10, 1981 20 Fone
K4LJS-1 USA Ft. Lauderdale, FL Nov 30, 1958 10 Fone
K4LJS-2 USA Ft. Lauderdale, FL Nov 30, 1958 10 Fone
K4ZCP USA Hickory, NC May 7, 1962 10 AM
K5EJW USA Los Alamos, NM Jan 11, 1952 10 Fone
W3PN USA Wayne, PA 19087 Jan 17, 1970 20 SSB
W3QZT USA Clifton Heights, PA Jan 22, 1968 20 Fone
W4ADP USA Miami, FL Dec 6, 1959 10 Fone
W4BFT USA St. Bernard, AL Blank
W4DIC USA Hickory, NC May 7, 1962 10 AM
W4EDD USA Coral Gables, DL Feb 15, 1936 10 AM Canton
W4MER USA Middletown, KY Aug 30, 1970 40 Fone
W4OUG USA Keystone Heights, FL Blank
W4ZCV USA Hickory, NC May 7, 1962 10 AM
W5WA USA Pascagoula, MS 39567 No QSO. Message
WA4FGG USA Maxwell A.F.B., AL May 28, 1962 10 AM
WA4SQM USA Jacksonville, FL 32207 Sep 14, 1967 10 SSB
WA4WWI USA Lynchburg, VA 24503 Sep 12, 1967 10 SSB