I’m cleaning my office and need to divest myself of some books I’ve been archiving. I’ve either stopped using the technology or upgraded the book. I also have an aversion to throwing away a book; destruction of information is anathema to me.

If anyone wants any of these books feel free to send me an email or comment on this post and I’ll get back to you on it. If you want you can pick it up from me free or I can send as many as you want media mail which is pretty cheap. I’ll hold onto these for maybe a month or so in the basement until I shed a tear and recycle these.

Like I said — FREE.

  • About Face – The Essentials of User Interface Design / Alan Cooper
  • Assembly Language for the IBM PC / Kip R. Irvine
  • Core Java / Gary Cornell, Cay S. Hosrtmann
  • Designing Component-Based Applications / Mary Kirtland
  • Essential COM / Don Box
  • IPV6 – The New Internet Protocol / Christian Huitema
  • Inside COM+ Base Services / Guy Eddon, Henry Eddon
  • Inside Windows 95 / Adrian King
  • Internetworking / Mark A. Miller
  • Microsoft ADO.net / David Sceppa
  • Microsoft Jet Data Engine Programmer’s Guide / Dan Haught, Jim Ferguson
  • Professional C# 2005 / Christian Nagel, et. al.
  • Professional C# / Simon Robinson, et. al.
  • Programming Microsoft ASP.net 2.0 / Dino Esposito
  • Programming Microsoft ASP.net / Dino Esposito
  • Programming Windows 95 / Charles Petzold
  • SQL Server Developer’s Guide to OLAP with Analysis Services / Mike Gunderloy, Tim Sneath
  • Troubleshooting TCP/IP / Mark A. Miller
  • Understanding COM+ / David S. Platt
  • XSLT / Michael Kay
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